1. noun
1) ((something which causes) worry, difficulty, work, anxiety etc: He never talks about his troubles; We've had a lot of trouble with our children; I had a lot of trouble finding the book you wanted.) težava
2) (disturbances; rebellion, fighting etc: It occurred during the time of the troubles in Cyprus.) nemiri
3) (illness or weakness (in a particular part of the body): He has heart trouble.) težave
2. verb
1) (to cause worry, anger or sadness to: She was troubled by the news of her sister's illness.) vznemiriti
2) (used as part of a very polite and formal request: May I trouble you to close the window?) nadlegovati
3) (to make any effort: He didn't even trouble to tell me what had happened.) potruditi se
- troublesome
- troublemaker
* * *
I [trəbl]
težava, trud, napor, motnja, motenje, nadloga; nevšečnost, neprijetnost; skrb, žalost, trpljenje, bol, muka; breme (to komu), nesreča, zlo, stiska; tegoba; napaka, pogreška, pomanjkljivost, slaba stran; komplikacija, problem, sitnost(i); kočljiv položaj; dialectal porod; bolezen; politics nemir, konflikt; kraval, škandal, afera; technical okvara, motnja, defekt
in trouble — v stiski (težavi, nepriliki)
digestive troubles — prebavne motnje, težave
heart trouble — srčna bolezen
labour troubles — delavski nemiri
troubles in the Near East — nemiri na Bližnjem Vzhodu
to ask for trouble, to look for trouble — sam si iskati (delati) težave, izzivati usodo
the trouble is that... — težava je v tem, da...
(it is) no trouble! — (to ni) nobena težava!; že dobro!; prosim!
(I am) sorry to give you such trouble — žal mi je, da vam delam take sitnosti
she is a great trouble to her family — ona je (v) veliko breme svoji družini
to be in trouble with the police — imeti težave (nevšečnosti) s policijo
to be out of one's troubles — osvoboditi se skrbi (težav), priti iz neprilik
I have been through much trouble — veliko sem prestal (pretrpel)
to get into trouble — zaiti v težave
to get a girl into trouble — zapeljati dekle
to go to much trouble — da(ja)ti si mnogo truda
to give s.o. the trouble, to put s.o. to much trouble — povzročiti komu težave (skrb), spraviti koga v hude nevšečnosti
to make trouble — delati težave
we did it to spare you trouble — naredili smo to, da bi vam prihranili trud
to stir up trouble — povzročati zmedo, nemir
I don't want to be a trouble to you — ne bi vas hotel vznemirjati
he won't even take the trouble to answer — ne vzame si niti truda, da bi odgovoril
to take great trouble (to take no trouble at all) — veliko (nobenega) truda si ne da(ja)ti
troubles never come singly — nesreča nikoli ne pride sama
II [trəbl]
transitive verb
zbegati, vznemiriti, razburiti, preplašiti; zaskrbeti, mučiti, (pri)zadeti; nadlegovati, sitnariti (komu), motiti, privesti (koga) v neprijeten položaj, v težave; prositi (koga) (for za); (redko) (s)kaliti, zburkati (vodo); intransitive verb vznemiriti se, razburiti se (about zaradi); mučiti se, trpeti (about zaradi); (po)truditi se, da(ja)ti si truda
troubled waters figuratively zapleten, težaven položaj
to be troubled about — delati si skrbi gledé
to be troubled in mind — biti zelo vznemirjen (zmeden, prizadet)
to trouble s.o. at work — motiti koga pri delu
to trouble o.s. — brigati se za kaj, (po)truditi se za kaj
don't trouble (yourself) — ne trudite se; že dobro
to fish in troubled waters — v kalnem ribariti
history does not trouble me at all — zgodovina mi ne povzroča nobenih težav
may I trouble you for the salt? — vas smem nadlegovati, prositi za sol?
don't let it trouble you — ne delajte si skrbi zaradi tega!
to trouble one's head about — beliti si glavo zaradi česa
to pour oil on troubled waters figuratively pomiriti razburjenje, narediti mir
my teeth trouble me very much — imam hud zobobol

English-Slovenian dictionary. 2013.


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